Reset mysql password without login into it

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I had installed phpmyadmin in ubuntu 11.10. But I can’t login into it cause IRead More…

Search "do a barrel roll" in google

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Hey, Google become nerd again.  Waana see new magic of google. Go to google homeRead More…

Droidsheep, Simple session hijacker in Android.

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Have you ever used free wifi in coffie shop or airport. Enjoying free facebook orRead More…

WinDirStat: Nice disk usage statistics viewer

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Its a common problem we got a problem to copy a new movie or videoRead More…

How to overcome mail without subject in Outlook.

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Once I forgot to put subject in an official mail. Its really feeling bad laterRead More…

JD-GUI: Java Decompiler

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Searching a good java dcompiler from long time. Tried some like DJ Java Decompiler atRead More…

Install flash plugin in Fedora

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To install flash plugin in mozila Download it from here,  install it into repositary byRead More…

Shrewsoft: Opensource VPN Client.

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Once I need to connect in some VPN but I don’t have licensed CISCO 64bit software forRead More…

Happy Birthday to me

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Hi all, I have launched my word press blog on my 23th birthday.

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