Hi, I am Shuvankar Sarkar, hold Engineering Degree in Computer Science, and working in a Software Company as Technical Lead. I like web technologies and mobile development. I have an interest in computer security etc. You can check my online cv or can download pdf version of the CV. The language I can understand and talk in are English, Bengali, Hindi, Java, C#, PHP, Javascript, etc. I love to explore new technologies. 

I have done some technical certifications like GCP CDL, GCP ACE, PSM-I, CE|H, OCP, MCSD, etc.

Why I have created this blog?

I want to share my daily technical and non-technical activities, daily problems, and what solutions I get, everything will be jotted down in this blog.

You can follow Shuvankar Sarkar on Twitter, connect with me on Linkedin or star my repo on GitHub.

If you want to discuss anything technical with me, feel free to email me at shuvankarsarkarhihi[at]gmail.com