Open website without browser

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Generally we need a browser to visit any website. Technically there are other option toRead More…

PHPStorm – How to configure deployment in server

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PHPStorm is awesome tool for PHP development. Sometime working in local machine is not enoughRead More…

Impress.js – awesome script for awesome presentation

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There are lots of cool CV around internet. Some are really impressive. I was thinking toRead More…

No postgresql radio button option while installing Drupal.

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I was trying to install Drupal (7.27) in my system and trying to connect withRead More…

Install Ghost on Heroku

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Ghost is another awesome blogging platform. Its simple, really fast and powered by NodeJs. AsRead More…

Show twitter feed in your wordpress blog

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It’s always cool to show your twitter updates in your blog. Recently I have configuredRead More… how does the website works offline

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Today my friend shows me Its awesome site. You can’t enter into the siteRead More…

Search hashtag in social web

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#Hashtag is now trendy in social networking site. There are some services which provides theRead More…

Open pdf document where you left off

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In a large pdf document or book, it is not always possible to read theRead More…

Resize and reduce the image size in photoshop

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Generally image taken at digital camera is too large. Unnecessary it takes lots of spaceRead More…

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