Open pdf document where you left off

In a large pdf document or book, it is not always possible to read the whole book at a time. After some reading we close the document. Next time when we reopen it, we need to remember the page no to jump to that page or scroll like hell. Isn’t it better that the document opens where we closed it.

In Ubuntu, the default pdf viewer (Document Viewer) has that default option to open where you left off. We can do this in Adobe Reader also by changing some settings.

I am using Adobe Reader XI. Lets see the settings. It may differ in other version.

Edit -> Accessibility -> Setup Assistant -> Set all accessibility options -> Click next 4 times -> Accessibility Setup Assistant, Screen 5 of 5 comes -> Check Reopen documents to the last viewed webpage -> Done

Adobe Reader

Read how much you want and close it. Next time it will open at the same page where you left off. Happy reading 🙂

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