Connection Information wordpress problem in localhost [Solved]

I was planing to move my blog from WordPress domain to my custom domain. For that reason I was trying to install wordpress in local machine for testing purpose. The installation was very easy and cool. Then I exported all post, comments etc from wordpress blog and tried to import it to my local machine.

The process is very simple. Just go to Tools -> Import. It was trying to install WordPress Importer 0.6.1.

Oh! It’s asking for Connection Information. Even if whenever I am trying to install any Plugin it is asking for Connection Information. I am using this in local machine why I need connection information?


At last I got a way. It just need a little configuration to bypass connection information

Open wp-config.php. Write define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); anywhere. Now try to install any plugin. Bingo! Problem solved.

If the error comes like Could not create directory its just a permission problem.

WordPressImporterUnableToCreateDirectoryGive write permision to the required folder which will solve the issue.
$chmod 777 <folder name>

Enjoy 🙂

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