Autocomplete off in Oracle Sql Developer

I am using Oracle Sql Developer to connect Oracle Database. There are lots of database configured to it and in every database there are lots of tables. There is a features in Oracle Sql Developer which auto complete your query. Its a very good feature but some time its really annoying if the suggestion list comes after typing every letter and long list covers the whole screen. Either you need to press esc every time or type blindly. Its horrible if you are working in virtual machine and its slow.

So I need to off the autocomplete features. After a little search got it. Its simple.

Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Code Editor -> Completion Insight.


Now just disable Completion auto popup. You can increase the popup speed. If you set it 3.0 sec, popup will appear after 3 second of stop typing.

I prefer disable ­čśÇ . Still you can get the suggestion by ctrl + enter. I am using┬áVersion The setting location may differ in other version. Enjoy ­čÖé

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