Facebook Comment Spam

Some times you may see some of your friend commented on some attractive post.


You clicked the link. A website opened.

It asked to type two words for verification and told you to submit.

ImageYou have done it but nothing happened.

But in background something happened. Lets see…what…

In the website they embedded Facebook comment plugin with some interesting image and text.

They designed a custom box and put the Facebook comment plugin in front of it using z-index property.
Opacity of fb comment is decreased  So you can see only the custom box. But when you click on Submit button of the custom box you are actually clicking in Facebook comment button cause fb plugin is in front of the custom box.


It need to enter some text for commenting on Facebook  They managed it telling the story of false verification text.

So you are commenting on something without any intention and all your friends will see that notification. Some of them are curious(like you) to check it and do the same thing.

Some more interesting thing –
After some time they are redirecting the other url. I don’t know why may be they dont want to study the source code for long time :P.
<meta content=”35; url=http://example.com” http-equiv=”REFRESH”>

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