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Just completed powersearchingwithgoogle course last night. In assessment got 97%(not by cheating). Today suddenly a curiosity comes to my mind. How they are evaluating? Opened the site today again and log in with my another id. Clicking randomly. Suddenly my wi-fi got disconnected but wow I still can check my percentage of correction. Hmm something fishy.

It means there are some client script by which it is evaluating. Opened the source code. There are 4 JavaScript code. one is jquery.js another bootstrap.js and other two some random number.js. Opened 493454f6a16696f072f35b32c9b456398cee56f3.js. What the hell is that it seems every answer is there in the JavaScript.

There was three tests. Pre test, Mid term test and Post test.

Lets see what about Mid term test. There is a js function saveAnswersMid(e, b) where all the answers are checked. In array a[] all the answers are stored and in array m[] data input by student will be stored.
For the radio button question the answer is in the input type tag (e.g. <input type=”radio” value=”correct2DIFF” name=”mid2″ />)
For the text box question the answer is in near the array a[] which will be got in saveAnswersMid function (e.g. a[9] = 0; !0 == checkText(“mid22text”, /”every man is napoleon”|’every man is napoleon’|u2018every man is napoleonu2019|u201Cevery man is napoleonu201D/i) && (a[9] = 1); ).

In this way you can find all the answers of the question by looking at JavaScript.

The course was awesome and I have learned lots of things from the course. I have done the test without any cheating. After the exam a curiosity makes me crazy to find this out. I have published it after the submission of test is over.

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