Manage file as password protected in ubuntu

We all have secret data and it need to be password protected (e.g credentials :D). There are lots of tools in internet to create a password protected file. I use a very simple technique. Zip the file and make it password protected. So just lets see how to manage file as password protected in Ubuntu (I am using 12.10)

Right click on the file, click compress -> Other Options -> Enter password.

Your file will be zipped and protected.

Now the interesting thing is you don’t need to extract the file to modify the content.

Open the zip file with Archive Manager. Right click on the file -> Open with… It will ask for password.


Enter the password. It will ask in which application you want to open the file. Select your favourite editor and open the file.


Now update your content and save. It will just ask to update your zip file.


Just click on Update. Bingo 😀

You have protected your data and can manage it with out extracting.

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