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  • How to setup CICD pipeline in Github Actions for Godaddy
    Nowadays it is very common to use Continuous Deployment whether it’s a Personal Hobby website or Enterprise application. It’s tedious to make the code change, log in to the server, and then copy the changed/compiled files manually into the server. It is always good to automate and create a pipeline so that whenever there is a code commit in the version control system (e.g. Github) the pipeline will trigger and do the automatic deployment. GitHub provides Action for the automatic deployment purpose. Let’s see how to utilize Github action and do automatic code deployment in a shared hosting like Godaddy.… Read more: How to setup CICD pipeline in Github Actions for Godaddy
  • Self-Validating Script in SQL
    We all write SQL scripts to do database operations. When you are supporting an application that is running in Production it’s very critical when you are modifying the data by running SQL scripts. From web applications, some validation logics are written but when you are updating directly in the table, there is a risk that some wrong data gets modified by mistake. There is another scenario where mistakes can happen. Generally, when we run an update script in a live application there is a standard process to test it in a lower environment first then move it to production. Sometimes… Read more: Self-Validating Script in SQL
  • Screen Display not visible after updating OBS [Solved]
    Recently I updated OBS to 29.1.2. After updating the software my screen display is not showing in the OBS software. I don’t have an additional video input device attached to my system but by default, my computer screen was coming before the update. Solution: In the Source section, there are two options. Video Capture Device which is mainly used if any video feed needs to be captured from a camera. Another option is Display capture. This is used for screen capture. Click on Display Capture. Display option will appear to select. In my case, an additional monitor (LG Ultrawide) is… Read more: Screen Display not visible after updating OBS [Solved]
  • 5 Books Every Programmer Should Read
    A book condensed with thousand hours of research, review, and experience. So still it is a very good source of knowledge. Here is a list of books I like very much as a programmer. Introduction to Algorithms This internationally acclaimed textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the modern study of computer algorithms. [Paperback] Thomas H. Cormen. I read this book during my engineering study. This is an old but very good book clearing concepts. This is one of the best algorithm books in the market. If anyone is preparing for a product-based company (like MAANG) and DSA is required in… Read more: 5 Books Every Programmer Should Read
  • Products I use as Software Engineer
    Hello World. Some of my friends asked me about the product I use daily as Software Engineer. Let me share the lists of products I use day to day life and share some feedback. First a good chair. Software developers spend lots of time sitting. So do I. Now I am using Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Premium Fabric & PU Leather, Adjustable Neck & Lumbar Pillow, 3D Adjustable Armrests & Strong Nylon Base (Black & Red) This is not the best seller product but it is perfect for my need. The same series of chairs… Read more: Products I use as Software Engineer
  • Cleaning-A Software Developer’s Perspective
    There is a myth, the arena of a software developer is dirty. The surrounding of a workstation is full of clutter. They don’t bathe. There is full of dust and smell where they live. The image of the developer is destroyed by the movies and TV series. There are people who live like this but there is no relation between the lifestyle and the work they do. Yes, every programmer or so-called geek may not have time to waste in cleaning every now and then but they are also human and they also wish to have clean plates. Let’s see… Read more: Cleaning-A Software Developer’s Perspective
  • How I passed Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam
    A few days back I passed the Google Cloud Cloud Digital Leader certification exam and shared the experience. There was a GCP certification drive going on in my organization and I was preparing for GCP ACE certification for the last couple of months. I received 2 certification vouchers so I utilized one in the GCP CDL (which was not planned, I just did it with the preparation from ACE) and used another in GCP ACE (which was actually planned). Exam experience If you read my last blog about the CDL exam experience, there was a hiccup. The exam was paused… Read more: How I passed Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam
  • How I passed Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam
    Recently I attended Google Cloud Migration Summit and received a Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification voucher. In this post, I will share the experience and resource link I used for exam preparation. The Exam Experience I purchased the exam with the voucher from powered by Kryterion. I had chosen the Monday 10 AM slot. The reason behind choosing Monday is, that I planned to revise the course on the weekend and give the exam on Monday with a morning fresh mind without cluttering thoughts about new office work. I had chosen the Online Proctored exam that can be given… Read more: How I passed Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam
  • Free Website Hosting with GitHub Pages with a Free SSL certificate
    I have an app, Bongstick and recently I planned to make a website for it. As planned, I purchased the domain name Now I need to build a website and host it somewhere. My blog is hosted in GoDaddy shared hosting service. I was looking for a free and reliable hosting service. After some search, I came to know about GitHub Pages. Here I can host a static webpage and load it from a custom domain. Let me share how can I host a free website using Github pages and apply for a free SSL certificate using Cloudflare.… Read more: Free Website Hosting with GitHub Pages with a Free SSL certificate
  • Make Your Windows Terminal Awesome
    One of the best tools for developers is a terminal. It’s very powerful and handy if you know how to use it. It may come to your mind, that terminal means bearing a black screen with white text. It’s not always true. Let’s make the terminal colorful and awesome. Windows has released its powerful command prompt, Windows Terminal. You can customize it to make it more awesome. I have tweaked some configurations and wanted to share them with you. You can install Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store. It’s Free. Please make sure Windows Powershell is the default profile for the… Read more: Make Your Windows Terminal Awesome
  • Setup Android Virtual Device Monitoring with Burp Suite
    Recently I was participating in a Hacking Competition in my company. There I need to check the vulnerability of mobile applications. They had provided an apk file. I need to install the somewhere and find security bugs. I started the Burp Suite Community Edition. Go to Proxy tab. Options. There is already one entry for localhost => I used it for analyzing the web versions. The same can be used for the mobile app as well I have Android Emulator installed which comes with Android Studio. I opened the AVD and started Android Emulator. Click on the triple dot… Read more: Setup Android Virtual Device Monitoring with Burp Suite
  • How I passed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021 Associate Certification Exam
    Recently Oracle is providing free OCI Training and certification (Valid Upto 31 Dec 2021 28-Feb-2022). This is premium content and really very well structured. I was planning to take the opportunity and take advantage. I tried and passed the OCI Foundation 2021 Associate [1Z0-1085-21] certification exam. Let me share the journey experience. I participated in an Oracle Cloud Developer hackathon in my company. There was a nice presentation from Oracle and from there I came to know about the Free Oracle Certification. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I visited the links, explored some of the stuff, and found yah… Read more: How I passed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021 Associate Certification Exam
  • Update to php 7.4 in mac
    When I am writing this blog, the latest version of PHP available is 7.4. I had PHP 7.1 installed so I need to update it to the latest as my local WordPress installation is telling my PHP is old and need an upgrade. I am planning to make a theme for my WordPress blog so I require a local WordPress setup. That’s why all these PHP and WordPress setups and version upgrade comes to the picture. Let’s see the walkthrough, how I upgraded it, and what problem I faced. Homebrew is a nice package manager for mac. So I used… Read more: Update to php 7.4 in mac
  • BongStick – how to make sticker app for WhatsApp
    How I have made BongStick, the android sticker app for whatsapp.
  • Automatic email notification on stock market share price change
    For some days I was monitoring the share price in trading market. Generally I target share of a company (mostly from Nifty 50 as I am noob)…check the technical indicators…If indicator gives me green signal, I make a target that if the share reaches X amount then I buy/sell. I need a system where from I can be notified that price of a share reaches at X amount. There are multiple service available in internet. Most of them are either paid or complex. I needed a simple solution for the problem. I thought of automate this via Google App Script… Read more: Automatic email notification on stock market share price change
  • Download new image everyday and change desktop background automatically
    Recently I am using Windows 10 machine in office. One nice feature I love of win 10 is daily lock screen background change. Whenever I go to office, I see a nice new background picture in lock screen. Basically it downloads a new nice image everyday and set it as lock screen background. I wanted to create similar functionality in my own home machine. National geographic publishes a nice photo every day ( I need to create a script which will run everyday and download the photo. After a little effort, I managed to write a simple shell script to… Read more: Download new image everyday and change desktop background automatically
  • How to clone whole repository with all branches in git
    Sometimes we need all the branches available in our local system. Lets see how can we clone a github repository with all the available branches. Clone the whole repository as bare. It will copy all the branches. $git clone –bare .git Make the bare repository to a regular github repo. $git config –bool core.bare false Reset head pointer of git to last state. $git reset –hard All the branch will be available $git branch I have got this nice info from
  • Reset password of postgresql in Windows
    Recently I was working in PostgreSql. The database was installed long back ago and I forgot the password of postgres user. After some search I found the way to reset the password without knowing it. Let me share the tricks. I have installed PostgreSQL 9.3 in windows machine. Open C:Program FilesPostgreSQL9.3datapg_hba.conf (location may be different in different system/version). Change the connection method to trust. You can find whole lot of information about pg_hba.conf from Now you can login in postgresql database with the postgres username without any password. You can change the password for future login. Open sql editor.… Read more: Reset password of postgresql in Windows
  • IRCTC Railway ticket status automatic alert
    Few days back I have booked railway ticket from IRCTC. Unfortunately the ticket status was Waiting List 81. After that daily I used to check the PNR status, number of times if the waiting list number is decreased. It becomes my daily activity to check the status. After some day an idea comes to mind. Why can’t we automate this daily activity? The idea was, We have to write a program which will check the PNR status in every 2 hrs. If the PNR status is changed, it will send a mail with related information. Cool yah!!! For that what… Read more: IRCTC Railway ticket status automatic alert
  • Share text in WatsApp from Website
    Text can be shared in WatsApp from website easily by below code snippets. <a href=”whatsapp://send?text=Hello%20TCS!”>Hello, TCS!</a> Demo: Please open this page (sortented for you – in mobile phone where WatsApp is installed. Click below hyperlink to share the text in WatsApp. Hello, TCS! It can be done in Android intent system as well. Source:
  • CNTLM – Proxy for NTLM authentication
    Recently I was using an application which needs internet connection. In my network internet connection is behind proxy and the proxy needs NTLM authentication. I can set basic authentication for the proxy in my application but there is no way to provide NTLM authentication credential. There are lots of program which behaves like this. A very common example is GIT. In those cases CNTLM help. It works as local proxy system. You can set NTLM authentication inside CNTLM. So you can reach to internet via it. For more information visit Official CNTLM website. Now how to configure CNTLM? Download and… Read more: CNTLM – Proxy for NTLM authentication
  • Configure MySql with IBM Cognos BI
    I was installing and configuring Cognos BI in my system. There is very little space in my machine so it was difficult to install some heavy database like Oracle or SQLServer. For now the only available database in my machine is MySql. So I need to manage with that. MySQL connection configuration does not come by default with Cognos BI. So it need to connect via ODBC connection. Its strange but I have found in internet that it need to use 32bit version of ODBC driver though your machine is 64bit and even you installed CognosBI 64bit version. I am… Read more: Configure MySql with IBM Cognos BI
  • Open website without browser
    Generally we need a browser to visit any website. Technically there are other option to see content of the website with using curl, wget etc. but for that you need to install the third party tools/libraries. There is a very easy way to visit website by using default window help functionality. open run (windows + r) write hh <website url> e.g. hh Click Ok (Enter) It will open windows help with the content of the website. Enjoy 😉  
  • PHPStorm – How to configure deployment in server
    PHPStorm is awesome tool for PHP development. Sometime working in local machine is not enough and we need to deploy our code in server. We can copy the files by some file transfer tool (e.g. FileZilla) but if we need to deploy rapidly even in every save, PHPStorm has fantastic inbuilt functionality to deploy code immediately on every save. Lets see how we can configure it. Suppose you have server and you need to connect your code to the server and deploy on each save. Go to Tools -> Deployment -> Configuration. You can see Popup named Deployment. Now… Read more: PHPStorm – How to configure deployment in server
  • Impress.js – awesome script for awesome presentation
    There are lots of cool CV around internet. Some are really impressive. I was thinking to make some impressive CV. After a little search I got impress.js. Its really impressive. Actually it is used for making presentation. Why can’t we use it for CV? So I made my own. Let’s see how impressive is that impress.js. Check out my CV created with impress.js – Looking awesome??? 😉 . Now let me share some technical aspects. Basically what is impress.js? “It’s a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea… Read more: Impress.js – awesome script for awesome presentation
  • No postgresql radio button option while installing Drupal.
    I was trying to install Drupal (7.27) in my system and trying to connect with postgresql (9.3). I was following the installation instruction given in Drupal official website. In the Database Configuration Screenshot there is a radiobutton for PostgreSql connection setting. But there was no radio button for PostgreSql in my local system. After some googling I found, for Drupal 6 it need pgsql and for Drupal 7 and above it need pdo_pgsql extension to be activated in php. I am using Drupal 7.27 and now pdo_pgsql need to activate in php.ini. Uncomment the required extension.  or if you are… Read more: No postgresql radio button option while installing Drupal.
  • Install Ghost on Heroku
    Ghost is another awesome blogging platform. Its simple, really fast and powered by NodeJs. As NodeJs is not supported by most of the sharing host server like GoDaddy so thought to try Heroku. Let me share the experience how to Install Ghost on Heroku. First of all NodeJs need to be installed in machine. Download NodeJs and install if its already not there. Now Download Ghost from Extract the zip. Open the code in any editor. My recent favorite is Webstorm. You can use terminal of your OS or Webstorm. Lets try in Webstorm. Tools -> Open terminal. In the IDE,… Read more: Install Ghost on Heroku
  • Show twitter feed in your wordpress blog
    It’s always cool to show your twitter updates in your blog. Recently I have configured one in my blog. Lets see how easy it is to configure one. Goto plugins -> Add new. Search for ‘twitter feed’. There are lots of available plugins to show twitter feed. I have chosen one – ‘Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget’. Install it and activate. Then goto Appearance -> Widgets. You can see ‘Really Simple Twitter’ widgets available. Drag and drop it to Sidebar Right. Now its the time for configuration. At first it was very easy. When I used my blog in wordpress… Read more: Show twitter feed in your wordpress blog
  • how does the website works offline
    Today my friend shows me Its awesome site. You can’t enter into the site until you disconnect the internet. Cool like Rajnikant. I Just eager to know how does this work. Lets explore. At first I thought it was using offline storage. Downloading all data -> Store in cache and by some tweak (maybe javascipt), it disable the ‘Enter Site’ option. After disconnecting internet connection it displays data from local storage. Opened inspect element in chrome -> Resources. But there is nothing in local storage. I was partially correct but not satisfactory. Lets more look into it. Opened the… Read more: how does the website works offline
  • Search hashtag in social web
    #Hashtag is now trendy in social networking site. There are some services which provides the facility to search hashtag. I was trying to create my own version. Actually there was some competetion in HackerEarth where this problem was given. Create a website by which hashtags can be searched. There are some api which is providing service to search this. We just need to call the url and pass variable in get method (used ajax to fetch data asynchronously). They provides the search result as json value. It just need to parse the json data and show it in html format, as… Read more: Search hashtag in social web
  • Open pdf document where you left off
    In a large pdf document or book, it is not always possible to read the whole book at a time. After some reading we close the document. Next time when we reopen it, we need to remember the page no to jump to that page or scroll like hell. Isn’t it better that the document opens where we closed it. In Ubuntu, the default pdf viewer (Document Viewer) has that default option to open where you left off. We can do this in Adobe Reader also by changing some settings. I am using Adobe Reader XI. Lets see the settings.… Read more: Open pdf document where you left off
  • Resize and reduce the image size in photoshop
    Generally image taken at digital camera is too large. Unnecessary it takes lots of space in hard disk and takes too much bandwidth while uploading in web. I was trying to find how to resize image and reduce the image size. There are lots of ways to do this. I just got a way to do in photoshop. Really photoshop is a wonderful software to play with image. Just open the image in photoshop. Goto Image -> Image size. Check Resample Imge. From the dropdown select Bicubicle Sharper (best for reduction) Now reduce the width as your wish and save… Read more: Resize and reduce the image size in photoshop
  • Increase success rate of irctc tatkal ticket booking
    Which browser? irctc recommends IE 6 and above. Its always better to user modern browser for faster response. Some scripts written in irctc not performing well in Google Chrome. Its my personal experience – in Mozila firefox irctc site runs well. So go for firefox. When to login? Tatkal ticket booking starts from 10 AM. Some people logged into it from 9:30 AM and try to click here and there to keep the session active. This is useless. You are wasting your 30 min valuable time. I have observed at 10 Oclock my session is always timed out or 503… Read more: Increase success rate of irctc tatkal ticket booking
  • Happy birthday to me any my blog
    Yes!!! 25 years ago I landed to this earth and I have started bloging two years ago. So its a dual happy birthday to me and my blog :D. To celebrate this happy moment I am launching my blog to this new domain –
  • Manage file as password protected in ubuntu
    We all have secret data and it need to be password protected (e.g credentials :D). There are lots of tools in internet to create a password protected file. I use a very simple technique. Zip the file and make it password protected. So just lets see how to manage file as password protected in Ubuntu (I am using 12.10) Right click on the file, click compress -> Other Options -> Enter password. Your file will be zipped and protected. Now the interesting thing is you don’t need to extract the file to modify the content. Open the zip file with… Read more: Manage file as password protected in ubuntu
  • Autocomplete off in Oracle Sql Developer
    I am using Oracle Sql Developer to connect Oracle Database. There are lots of database configured to it and in every database there are lots of tables. There is a features in Oracle Sql Developer which auto complete your query. Its a very good feature but some time its really annoying if the suggestion list comes after typing every letter and long list covers the whole screen. Either you need to press esc every time or type blindly. Its horrible if you are working in virtual machine and its slow. So I need to off the autocomplete features. After a little… Read more: Autocomplete off in Oracle Sql Developer
  • Connection Information wordpress problem in localhost [Solved]
    I was planing to move my blog from WordPress domain to my custom domain. For that reason I was trying to install wordpress in local machine for testing purpose. The installation was very easy and cool. Then I exported all post, comments etc from wordpress blog and tried to import it to my local machine. The process is very simple. Just go to Tools -> Import. It was trying to install WordPress Importer 0.6.1. Oh! It’s asking for Connection Information. Even if whenever I am trying to install any Plugin it is asking for Connection Information. I am using this in… Read more: Connection Information wordpress problem in localhost [Solved]
  • Blogathon: A great weekend with blog
    Spent a great weekend with blog at Blogathon. Just like to share some experience. It was a two days workshop (24th – 25th Aug 2013) about building a blog in wordpress from scratch. Day1: Registration: The event place was in The Plyace. Its in Marathon Maxima, Mulund (After 4 building from my flat- Its 5 min walk 😉 ). I reached at the place. I forgot to print out the ticket. I have to show the ticket on my Tab. They provided us an ID card, notepad and pen. Introduction to Blogathon: Given by Niranjan Yadav ( Founder of StartCup and SwitchIdea… Read more: Blogathon: A great weekend with blog
  • Virtualbox not working after upgrading ubuntu to 12.10 [Solved]
    I have recently upgrade my OS to Ubuntu 12.10. Virtual box not working after up-gradation.  Its a very important tool for me so I need to be resolved anyhow. Googled a lot to solve it. Try1 $sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup sudo: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv: command not found There is no vboxdrv available in my pc Try 2 $sudo aptitude update aptitude was not installed at my pc so installed aptitude. No need to install aptitude if it is already in your pc. $apt-get install aptitude $sudo aptitude install dkms $sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup dkms package was already there in my pc so no upgrade. Still… Read more: Virtualbox not working after upgrading ubuntu to 12.10 [Solved]
  • Download pdf of epaper eisamay
    Eisamay is awesome Bengali newspaper. I wanted a pdf copy of the paper to read it offline in my brand new Tab2 . Long days ago I have seen there was a pdf button in website to generate pdf copy but now its not there. Searched a lot if it is moved to anywhere else but not able to find 🙁 … It need to try something else… Information gathering: In the below of the page it is written eisamay is Designed and Developed by Ezinemart. Opened there website. They are providing service to lots of other paper. Opened some….Yes in some paper… Read more: Download pdf of epaper eisamay
  • Google April fool pranks 2013
    1. Google Nose – The new scent-sation in search 2. Google Treasure Map 3. Youtube shutting down 4. Gmail Blue 5. Google Fiber to the Pole 6. Google App Levity Algorithm 7. Google Analytics Site is visiting from International Space Center
  • Permalinks wordpress not working 404 error
    I was trying to install wordpress in my local system. There was an option of Permalink settings which is used to change the url pattern of every post. I selected the post name. But in the site the links of the posts were not working. It was giving 404 error. I have checked .htaccess. It was also okay. I am using Ubuntu 11.10. In terminal I went to /etc/apache2/sites-available. Edit default file in vi editor – #vi default In the <Directory /var/www/>  AllowOverride was none None. I chenged it to  AllowOverride all. Restarted the apache # service apache2 restart Then… Read more: Permalinks wordpress not working 404 error
  • Facebook Comment Spam
    Some times you may see some of your friend commented on some attractive post. You clicked the link. A website opened. It asked to type two words for verification and told you to submit. You have done it but nothing happened. But in background something happened. Lets see…what… In the website they embedded Facebook comment plugin with some interesting image and text. They designed a custom box and put the Facebook comment plugin in front of it using z-index property. Opacity of fb comment is decreased  So you can see only the custom box. But when you click on Submit button of the custom box you are actually clicking in Facebook comment button cause fb… Read more: Facebook Comment Spam
  • Find answer easily in course assesment
    Just completed powersearchingwithgoogle course last night. In assessment got 97%(not by cheating). Today suddenly a curiosity comes to my mind. How they are evaluating? Opened the site today again and log in with my another id. Clicking randomly. Suddenly my wi-fi got disconnected but wow I still can check my percentage of correction. Hmm something fishy. It means there are some client script by which it is evaluating. Opened the source code. There are 4 JavaScript code. one is jquery.js another bootstrap.js and other two some random number.js. Opened 493454f6a16696f072f35b32c9b456398cee56f3.js. What the hell is that it seems every answer is there… Read more: Find answer easily in course assesment
  • HackIM 2012 – Delhi CTF walkthrough
    This CTF was organised by NULL in there NULCON Delhi 2012(7Sep2012 – 9Sep2012). Trivia 1 Problem: Magic string Used to Identify hyper V Linux Instance Hints: LKML Approach: After a little google search found the info in wikipedia ans: 0xB16B00B5 Trivia 3 Problem: Security software in “the net” Hints: tt0113957 Approach: The hint was useful. Its a token of IMDB. Opened the IMDB page Its a movie name. Read the description of the movie and found the security software name used in that movie. ans: Gatekeeper Trivia 4 Problem: 800Bytes OC1 to 400Bytes english poem conversion Hints:… Read more: HackIM 2012 – Delhi CTF walkthrough
  • Color theme in eclipse
    Its very ineresting to set color theme in eclipse. Lets see how it can be done. Open eclipse (I use eclipse halios in ubuntu). Help -> Install New Software. In Work With: text box paste the link ( Select the Eclipse Color Theme and do next next next…it may give you a warning about installing software from outside sources, just click ok and continue. After the theme is installed open preference (In ubuntu its window -> preference. in mac or win it may be different). Goto General -> Appearance -> Color Theme. Select your favorite theme and enjoy 🙂 There is good… Read more: Color theme in eclipse
  • Bypass os checking in website
    I was checking a website ( but unfortunately it checked my computer and told the operating system is not suitable to access the website. It was accessable only from Windows or Mac(grrrr… 😡 ) I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and I need to access the site by hook or by crook. Thinking… Thinking… to spoof my Operating System. Got an idea :). I have installed Tamper Data addone in my Firefox Browser (Install it from here). Start TamperData . Open The site. It will ask for TamperData (If already started). Click on Tamper. On User-Agent enter Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1;… Read more: Bypass os checking in website
  • Launched new team website
    Finally got our new team website. Waiting to upload some cool stuff
  • Reset mysql password without login into it
    I had installed phpmyadmin in ubuntu 11.10. But I can’t login into it cause I forgot password of mysql. After a little search I found the way to reset password without login into it. It need only root access of machine. I just like to share it Follow the below steps to reset password of  mysql. 1. Stop MySQL Server. sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop 2. Start the mysqld configuration. sudo mysqld –skip-grant-tables & 3. Login to MySQL as root. mysql -u root mysql 4. Replace NEWPASSWORD with your new password! UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘NEWPASSWORD’) WHERE User=’root’; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 5.Exit exit; Enjoy… Read more: Reset mysql password without login into it
  • Search "do a barrel roll" in google
    Hey, Google become nerd again.  Waana see new magic of google. Go to google home page,  search “do a barrel roll”……or click here Oh! my eye is rolling.   Google is becoming beyond imagination. 😮
  • Droidsheep, Simple session hijacker in Android.
    Have you ever used free wifi in coffie shop or airport. Enjoying free facebook or twitter. Be aware of that. There are lots of tools in market which can simply hijack your session and can use your account. I am not joking, You also can do this by some simple click. There is a tool, Droidsheep, an android based software, will capture all Accounts in the network!! How does this work? When you use web applications, they usually require you to enter your credentials in order to verify your identity. To avoid entering the credentials at every action you do,… Read more: Droidsheep, Simple session hijacker in Android.
  • WinDirStat: Nice disk usage statistics viewer
    Its a common problem we got a problem to copy a new movie or video song. “There is no space in my harddisk” :(. Scratching the folders what can be deleted! what can be deleted!  Try to empty recycle bin, temp folder.  See the properties of folder and search for the unwanted stuffs. It is horrible to see the all the folder (Some time binary search is not also helpful) 🙄 Got a very good tool, WindirStat. What is the specialty of the tool? It will scan all the folders and show you status graphically. You can easily find out… Read more: WinDirStat: Nice disk usage statistics viewer
  • How to overcome mail without subject in Outlook.
    Once I forgot to put subject in an official mail. Its really feeling bad later 🙁 . A mail without subject brings a bad impression on us. After a little search got a very good script to avoid this and like to share. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and see the result. 1. Open your Outlook 2. Press Alt+F11. This opens the Visual Basic editor and then Press Ctrl+R which in turn opens a Project-Project 1 (left side) 3. On the Left Pane, expand Projet1 -> Microsoft Office Outlook Objects -> ThisOutlookSession 4. Double click on “ThisOutLookSession”. It… Read more: How to overcome mail without subject in Outlook.
  • JD-GUI: Java Decompiler
    Searching a good java dcompiler from long time. Tried some like DJ Java Decompiler at previous. It was also good but have to pay money for full version 🙁 Suddenly got another very good Java DeCompiler. The best thing about is, its free 🙂 Its written in C++ and allows an extremely fast decompilation (Yah! you are reading right. It can retrieve source code from a .class file). Its available in linux, mac as well as windows also. Download JD-GUI from here. A humble request don’t use it for any cracking purpose 😉 Wanna plugin for eclipse?? Yah they are… Read more: JD-GUI: Java Decompiler
  • Install flash plugin in Fedora
    To install flash plugin in mozila Download it from here,  install it into repositary by rpm command,  import GPG key,  check it is properly installed in /etc/yum.repos.d, then install flash plugin using yum,  wrap the plugin with mozzila then it is compleatly installed. Ufff…. sound like too complex thing. 🙁 There is one easy step too… Download tarball from flashplayer site (Check for the latest release). Extract it. There is file. Copy it to either in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ or ~/.mozilla/plugins/ Done. 🙂 If selinux make some problem then just restore the context with #su -c ‘restorecon -v /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/’ What an… Read more: Install flash plugin in Fedora
  • Shrewsoft: Opensource VPN Client.
    Once I need to connect in some VPN but I don’t have licensed CISCO 64bit software for my Windows7. I really need to connect in VPN for some important work. I already have the profile of cisco client(.pcf) but noway to use that. After googling a lot got a beautiful software, Shrewsoft. An amazing software. Everything was there what I need. 1. Its opensource and of course free. 2. I can import cisco client (.pcf) profile here. 3. It is available in windows as well as linux platform. Installed it by some simple click. Imported the .pcf profile and get connected. Bingo… 🙂… Read more: Shrewsoft: Opensource VPN Client.
  • Happy Birthday to me
    Hi all, I have launched my word press blog on my 23th birthday.